TV Review: iZombie (Season 1)

Knowing that this TV show was to be adapted from the comic book of the same, I was apprehensive as many shows which  have followed this route have either been successful or unsuccessful. However, after seeing this show be praised by numerous people I decided to jump straight into it. To my surprise I had found a show which I became immersed in, leading me to watch one episode after the other.

Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore (a play on words about dying but getting to as you guessed live more) an individual with a career in medicine, a fianc√© in Major Lilywhite, someone who pretty much had her life planned out. Until one fateful night, left her with a curse worse than death, a zombie. After coming back from the dead, her life which was so planned out, is no more. Calling off her engagement and relationship altogether with Major, she works in a dead-end job in a morgue (oh the irony) under Dr Ravi Chakrabati trying to live it out as a zombie by eating the brains of the murder victims that end up in the morgue and in doing so helps Seattle P.D Detective Clive Babineaux in solving their murders by posing as a psychic. However, the story develops with Liv not being the only zombie in Seattle. Another zombie, Blaine infects many others however in the end opens up a brain delivery service in the form of a butcher’s shop and delivering to those zombies who need to feast. Whilst Ravi uses tainted Utopium to create a cure which fails numerous times when tested on rats. Major also has his own side story in which he works as a youth counselor and after finding several of ‘his kids’ have gone missing (where in fact they have been killed and their brains are used within Blaine work industry) goes on the search and leads him to the butcher’s shop. Major confronts Blaine’s workforce and re-kills them (so to speak) and is stabbed by Blaine and when Liv arrives she is given an ultimatum.

I personally, really enjoyed this season with the character development in Liv, where she’s gone from having something to nothing and trying to put her life back on the road and be useful but also trying to sort out her love life. Ravi provides undeniable comedic value in his quirky nature, however can also be serious when needed. The season ends explosively with the butcher being blown up to keep the zombie world a secret, Major being turned into a zombie to keep him alive (or undead?) but also in which Liv’s brother requires a transfusion (from being near the blast) and Liv is the only one compatible but for obvious reasons unbeknownst to her family she has to decline. Season 2 of the show looks promising, how does Major cope with being a zombie? What does Blaine do now that he is cured of zombiism? Will Liv ever find love again?

My Rating: 4.5/5


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