7 Deadly Sins (TV Show)

This is my first anime show I’ve watched since my days of Pokemon, Digimon and YuGiOh. This show takes on the classic Japanese anime with bloodied fighting and woman designed in that certain as they normally are with skimpy clothing.

As well as that is, 7 Deadly Sins is a great TV show! It sets around Meliodas on a quest to reunite the 7 Deadly Sins with his trusty pig companion, Hawk. So who are the 7 deadly Sins, you might ask? Well Meliodas is the Dragon Sin of Wrath, and in order of reuniting, Diane the Serpent Sin of Envy, Ban the Fox Sin of Greed, King the Grizzly Sin of Sloth, Gowther the Goat Sin of Lust and Merlin the Boar Sin of Gluttony, however this is only six we are yet to meet the final Sin, Escanor the Lion Sin of Pride. The 7 Sins were first created as a sort of praetorian guard to the King Liones, they were the strongest and cruelest of Holy Knight’s and were brutal criminals before they formed the group. The Sins are branded as traitors for the framed murder of the Great Holy Knight 10 years prior and they disbanded to save themselves.


At the beginning of his journey, Meliodas encounters Elizabeth (Third Princess of Liones) after she escapes from a castle and is on the run to find Meliodas, who is pursued by the Holy Knight’s (an Order of powerful and terrifying individuals who wield immense strength and power but also have magic imbued with inside them, they too also protect the kingdom). The Holy Knight’s hold an oppressive reign over the empire and Elizabeth goes to recruit the Sins to help free the empire (which led to her escape). Upon finding Meliodas this sparks his journey to track down the other Sins and help Elizabeth out and find out what truly happened 10 years ago. Story goes that the Holy Knights have been infected with Demons (and could say that is the source of their magical power), as the story develops it is found that the Demons have infiltrated the highest order of the Holy Knight’s, Hendrickson who was to release the Demon Clan. Holy Knight’s are soon transformed into demons and numerous Holy Knight’s are murdered along the way thanks to the Sins. Thankfully the Sins are able to stop Hendrickson, due to a cunning plan by Meliodas, upon defeating him the Sins are soon praised and cleared of their crimes and welcomed back within Liones once again

The story shows diverse character development, multiple backstories between the Sins; one such story is about how King is infatuated with Diane and has looked after her since she was a young giantess in which she has no collection of him doing so. King is full of rage towards Ban about what happened with his sister and the Fairy Kingdom, Diane was infatuated with Meliodas however he has a slapstick/perverse relationship with Elizabeth. However, no matter their differences they have with one another they can always count on each other when the tough gets going.

My Rating: 4/5


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