When Things Go Bump In The Night (Supernatural Season 1 Review)

I know what you are all gonna say, Season 1? Really? We’re on Season 13 now, what have you been doing? Since I am new to the blogging scene I thought I’d go back a re-watch Supernatural and give a review.

From an obviously non-biased point of view, I frickin’ loved this season! I’m the type of person that is into the whole supernatural, myths, legends of creatures and as such, when this show included ghosts, vampires, Wendigos so far, this TV show just shone to me.

This season starts off, with the Winchester family (John, Mary, Dean and Sam) in 1983, however it isn’t a happy family moment for long. During the night, a demon named Azazel (most notable for his yellow-eyes), comes by and kills Mary (the mother) for n unknown reason, by pinning her to the ceiling and setting her ablaze all the while John (the father) witnesses this and tells Dean and Sam (the sons/brothers) to escape the house. As time elapses from that fateful night, John, Dean and Sam have became hunters of supernatural creatures, deities and beings, whilst Dean stayed loyal to his father and protective over Sam, whilst Sam did the opposite who quit hunting and decided to attend Stanford.

Now in the modern day whilst Sam is focusing on his college studies, Dean turns up out of the blue and explains that their father is missing and Dean drags Sam back into the world of hunting. After a successful hunt of a ghost, both Sam and Dean return to Sam’s apartment to find Sam’s girlfriend unfortunately getting the same fate as their mother. Full of rage and anger towards Azazel, Sam takes up the mantle of hunter again to find and kill Azazel, but in order to do so they needed to find their father. He and Dean go on many hunts whilst searching Azazel, helping many civilians along the way against the creatures that go bump in the night. The brothers also have a handy tool in what you might call a monster guide; it shows all the monsters that have been hunted with their names, what they do, their strengths and weaknesses and pretty much how to kill them.

Further along the way, we learn that Sam has developed telekinesis and visions of the future, I mean call it a blessing or a curse but this family is just terribly unlucky. They also come into contact and fights with a recurring nuisance…I mean villain in Meg, a minion to Azazel.


John is eventually found and carries in tow ‘The Colt’ a revolver which luckily for them is a supernatural firearm which can kill the supernatural. Towards the end of the season, Meg is exorcised out of her host body, and Azazel has in fact possessed John and tries to kill Dean in the process, Sam however shoots his father in the leg meaning that Azazel has to leave John’s body. Just as the family get back together and get ready to track Azazel down, a truck rams their car, knocking them all out. As I said, unlucky or what?

So far, this season has been great, it shows the character development of Sam (Jared Padalecki), how he goes from son and brother who is reluctant to be his family to then being their for his family when they need, in numerous occasions. As with any TV show, it has it funny and quirky moments usually given by Dean (Jensen Ackles). Personally, I can’t wait to see what the other seasons have in store, and it is still as good or even better as I have found this 1st season.

If anyone also has any recommendations for future TV shows similar to Supernatural, it would be much appreciated to see what other shows are out there!

My Rating (so far): 5/5



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  1. I loved season 1. I stopped watching around season 7 or 8 because I kind of got over the ongoing plot twists and just the fact that I can’t actually believe any of the characters are still alive given everything they’ve been through. I did plan on eventually going back to this show. However, season 1 was brilliant. Kind of episodic but with the overall story of the search for the dad. It was just well done and good fun.

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